Friday, 16 August 2013

Birthday treats :)

Hiiiiii! So far I've been thinking of birthday gifts left and right even tho it's like 2 months away pa! Haha. Whenever I say I like something or I want to watch something, mom immediately asks me where can we buy? Haha! Don't get mistaken, I love that about mum! She's probably the coolest mom alive!!! Last last week, while mom and I went to but ates stuff for her field trip, we saw a rayban stall, when I saw the stall I asked mom about these raybans that have polarized blue lenses. I asked if she knew about them! And of course she did! :)) she asked me why. I said I saw a model wearing a similar pair but in red and not rayban :)) yesterday while we were in grannys crib I had just finished my homework and went to sit with mum, she was texting non stop and wouldn't show me her phone!! While she was texting, we were talkin about this overnight thing in school. I told mom I wasn't going so finally she decided to tell me that she bought me rayban polarized lens :O I was screaming and jumping around as how I did before when I got new doll houses :)) so here are my newest sunnies B) 
So thank you thank you mum!!! xx
Also so far, some other birthday treats are the kesha tickets and wicked tickets!!! Might ask for Two Door Cinema Club concert tickets...ehe but just maybe, I'll think if I should :) hehe! xx

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bucket list

Hiii! Sorry I've been so absent lately! I don't blog as much as mom due to school :( but this blog is like my journal so I plan to update as much as I can! Hehe :)
So I have nothing really to blog about so here's my bucket list:
1) I want to be able to take a picture like this in the future; meaning I need to visit New York again before I turn 18 :))
2) I want to actually learn how to surf :)) last time went to La Union dad was asking if I wanted to learn, but I was too chicken :)) next time I won't. 
3) I NEED to see this amazeballs guy perform <3 
4) I promised myself that by next year this time I will be smaller ;) I really want a thigh gap :( I will work very very hard this coming summer! I'm going to the gym everyday {lol get prepared mum :))} 
5)I need a flat stomach with abs! I really admire my sisters determination! I wish I could get that determination :) so you can pretty much say my sister is my greatest role model :)
6) I want to take a picture similar to this in the future with mum n sis! How cute is it if we have matching bags? <33
7) I want to see these palm trees again in LA <3 *sigh* fam is too busy to travel :(
8) in our next house, I would love a walk in closet ;) 
9) I need to also go to...

To see all my fave you tubers!!!! 

10) I need to see Ke$ha live ;) I think I can tick this off ;);););) very very thanks to mum OFCOURSE!!! 

Well, that's my bucket list for now! Might post part 2 when I find the right pics! Hehe xx

p.s. I'd love to hear 'bout your bucket list! :) x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


I'm baaack! :)) the other day whilst I was in my friend Maxine's house, we were talking about concerts. One concert we were talking about was imagine dragons! Then she told me that ke$ha was coming! I s-c-r-e-a-m-e-d and texted mom immediately! It said on the poster that they would start seeking on July 31, which was that day I found out about her concert! Good thing they started selling on August 5, phew! So my mommy went to Araneta to buy my tickets for me and friends! 
So thank you thank you to my mommy so much for lining up and buying my tickets whilst I was in school!!! xx

PF Changs

Hiiii! Sorry I haven't posted in a long time! I've just been so caught up in school :( as I'm writing this, I actually can't sleep :| but here it goes: mom and I went to PF changs for dinner cause the siblings went to gym and went to dinner afterwards. 
We had candied shrimp
Kung pao chicken
And spicy eggplant

We were so so full @___@ 
Anyways, school has been good so far :) but sometimes quiet boring :)) but the weekdays go by faster and happy days are back to the weekends! That's all for now! Going to try to fall asleep now ZzZzzzZzzzZzZZzz xx