Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bucket list

Hiii! Sorry I've been so absent lately! I don't blog as much as mom due to school :( but this blog is like my journal so I plan to update as much as I can! Hehe :)
So I have nothing really to blog about so here's my bucket list:
1) I want to be able to take a picture like this in the future; meaning I need to visit New York again before I turn 18 :))
2) I want to actually learn how to surf :)) last time went to La Union dad was asking if I wanted to learn, but I was too chicken :)) next time I won't. 
3) I NEED to see this amazeballs guy perform <3 
4) I promised myself that by next year this time I will be smaller ;) I really want a thigh gap :( I will work very very hard this coming summer! I'm going to the gym everyday {lol get prepared mum :))} 
5)I need a flat stomach with abs! I really admire my sisters determination! I wish I could get that determination :) so you can pretty much say my sister is my greatest role model :)
6) I want to take a picture similar to this in the future with mum n sis! How cute is it if we have matching bags? <33
7) I want to see these palm trees again in LA <3 *sigh* fam is too busy to travel :(
8) in our next house, I would love a walk in closet ;) 
9) I need to also go to...

To see all my fave you tubers!!!! 

10) I need to see Ke$ha live ;) I think I can tick this off ;);););) very very thanks to mum OFCOURSE!!! 

Well, that's my bucket list for now! Might post part 2 when I find the right pics! Hehe xx

p.s. I'd love to hear 'bout your bucket list! :) x

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  1. Hi baby!! <3 I hope I can help you with that bucket list. I promise to do my best. Love youuuu!! :-*