Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Funday!

Woop woop! Been in town for 3 straight days @_@ and we've been getting valet service for 3 straight days!! Went to national to buy stuff for school {again} :))

Le super cute sac bag <3

Aldo's to look at earrings, shoes n other stuff 
Then went to shi lin for a very early dinner :))

Shrimp and pork wanton 

Spicy spare ribs 

Shrimp and egg fried rice

Spicy pork and shrimp dumpling

And of course everyone's fave, shao long bao <333

Then we wanted dessert:

SUPER CUTE MONSTERS UNIVERSITY DONUTS love love loveeeee {but only 4 were available :( }

But also we got all time favorites :)

Well that was my Sunday adventure. Have a great week ahead! :) xx

Out with the old, In with the new!

So the other day I did somewhat like a spring cleaning in my room, specifically my closet....;p

Dresses and other stuff

Pants, shorts and leggings

Shirts, sweaters, skirts and tanks!

Before, my clothes were just in one closet which was in mommy's room! All these cabinets used to be full of...... you guessed it, TOYS <3333 specifically bratz dolls :)) Every brat doll there was, I had it! Of course special thanks to mommy for buying me ALL the toys she could see I liked! Haha.

Mommy finally made me get rid of all my dolls when I stopped playing with them like 2 years ago. So I was able to transfer all my clothes into my own closet.

This pile consist of the clothes that I either don't like anymore, or are too small.

I felt "masipag" so I folded them and arranged them by skirts, tanks, plain shirts, and printed shirts! Mommy will be giving them away to the children of our/my lola's staff.

In with the new:

Topshop, my love <3 As you can see, I have a bigger bag hehe :"> xx

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day off :p

So today, it is a Saturday which means NO SCHOOL <3 -which means no uniform -which means I get to dress up!!! <3 today I wore this: just going to town btw! Heheh #overdressed :p

Today I watched 2 movies with mommy: 4 sisters and a wedding (yuckk) ;)) and monsters university <3 

BUT of course we also ate! Hehe 
Barbecue chix salad 

Singaporean roll

Barbecue chicken pizza

Also from crisosotomo's for dessert.

But since we ate before the movieS :)) of course we got hungry! Hehe this is what happened 

hehe drive thru with mommy since all the restaurants were closed, or closing! ;p

McSpicy from, where else but MickeyDs!!! <3333 welp, that was my adventure today with my dear dear bff/mommy! 


Friday, 28 June 2013

P-U-R-P-L-E :):):)

Hellooooo <3 so the other day, these were my bags for school:

Purple not pink </3 ;P even the hanger that my uniform was one was purple! Purple is definitely the color of ze day! Hihi! 

So of course my jacket also had to be purple! Hehe! Mommy taught me that everything should match, or coordinate at least. So even if I have to change my bag everyday just so it will match, I will ;P

Yup that's me!!! Purple lady :)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dlsz gurl

Starting school was one of my biggest fears, because I would have to get up early again from waking up everyday at 12 noon ;p to waking up at 7 @_@ Also.....I was a transferee so, that was even a bigger problem for me.. meeting new people & making new friends!

Me on my first day :) 
A few days after, I tried to style it up a bit by wearing a sweater! Hehe 

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hello! #introducingme

Hello! I am Jena. Some of you may know me as Lovey through my mom's blog Sugar Spice & everything Nice. But I have decided to make my own blog, showing my daily life and how I style my uniform to show my uniqueness!

My hobbies are baking, shopping and spending time with my friends & family, in particular my ever loving mother :-*

I love the color pink, so if you see anyone covered in pink, that's probably meeeee! HEHE I also love unicorns and hearts (yes, I know I'm a girly girl ;P)

I am very shy especially in meeting new people, but once you really get to know me I'm very friendly and warm with you! I also love love LOVE to laugh, especially when I have someone to laugh with :)) well, that's pretty much it about meeee! xx