Sunday, 30 June 2013

Out with the old, In with the new!

So the other day I did somewhat like a spring cleaning in my room, specifically my closet....;p

Dresses and other stuff

Pants, shorts and leggings

Shirts, sweaters, skirts and tanks!

Before, my clothes were just in one closet which was in mommy's room! All these cabinets used to be full of...... you guessed it, TOYS <3333 specifically bratz dolls :)) Every brat doll there was, I had it! Of course special thanks to mommy for buying me ALL the toys she could see I liked! Haha.

Mommy finally made me get rid of all my dolls when I stopped playing with them like 2 years ago. So I was able to transfer all my clothes into my own closet.

This pile consist of the clothes that I either don't like anymore, or are too small.

I felt "masipag" so I folded them and arranged them by skirts, tanks, plain shirts, and printed shirts! Mommy will be giving them away to the children of our/my lola's staff.

In with the new:

Topshop, my love <3 As you can see, I have a bigger bag hehe :"> xx

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  1. Thank you baby for fixing your closet! <3 I'm glad you were able to sort out all your clothes. Love you! :-*