Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day off :p

So today, it is a Saturday which means NO SCHOOL <3 -which means no uniform -which means I get to dress up!!! <3 today I wore this: just going to town btw! Heheh #overdressed :p

Today I watched 2 movies with mommy: 4 sisters and a wedding (yuckk) ;)) and monsters university <3 

BUT of course we also ate! Hehe 
Barbecue chix salad 

Singaporean roll

Barbecue chicken pizza

Also from crisosotomo's for dessert.

But since we ate before the movieS :)) of course we got hungry! Hehe this is what happened 

hehe drive thru with mommy since all the restaurants were closed, or closing! ;p

McSpicy from, where else but MickeyDs!!! <3333 welp, that was my adventure today with my dear dear bff/mommy! 


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  1. As usual, I super enjoyed hanging with you today, my baby love! <3 Thank you for watching the jej movie with me, hahaha! Love you so much! :-*