Friday, 28 June 2013

P-U-R-P-L-E :):):)

Hellooooo <3 so the other day, these were my bags for school:

Purple not pink </3 ;P even the hanger that my uniform was one was purple! Purple is definitely the color of ze day! Hihi! 

So of course my jacket also had to be purple! Hehe! Mommy taught me that everything should match, or coordinate at least. So even if I have to change my bag everyday just so it will match, I will ;P

Yup that's me!!! Purple lady :)


  1. Hey my purple burple! <3 Too many bags!! @_@ leave some of your things in school, sige ka you'll be kuba! Love you babe! :-*

  2. OMG.. no wonder i couldn't find my card that afternoon!!! YOU STOLE IT

  3. I love your bag :) purple is my favorite color too :) but I findthat most of my stuff is pink naman! They just don't make enough purple stuff!