Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Last Saturday, my friends n I threw a surprise party for not 1 but 2 of our friends!!! To be exact my 2 very first friends! :)) 
Mommy being the sweetest bought so many stuff for this party 

Aka Mrs. 4th Bieber {I'm first} lol
Aka Mrs. Chance 

Sandwiches from almon marina
Rainbow cake from Sophie's mom in SM

Water baloons!!!!
After math! 
Aliah n Bella won prizes from topshop fr getting most cake on them and getting least cake on them:
I hope they all had funnn! Ofc special thanks to mum n ate for buying + planning everything! Mwah xx

Dinner for 4

Hiiiii last Friday mum, ate n I met up with kuya Jeng at cafe Juanita! In Molito 

We had sinaglay
Garlic chicken 
Some Korean beef thingamajig that was really gooooood! 
Fish with ensalada 
2 way pork adobo {flakes + pork}
My toffee pudding
Mums cassava cake
Kuya jengs mini turon
Mum n kuya Jeng we're talking while me n ate were eating! Hehehe 

Kuya Jeng was very very nice whilst I was the shy one! Hehe

Cafe Juanita's food is very good, but very little servings!!! x

Thursday, 18 July 2013

"On Thursdays we wear PE"

Every Thursday we have PE :/ for 2 periods :(( which means 2 hoursss </3 I'm the most unathletic person in the world and PE is double period. Wow. :))
But I do sometimes just hide in the locker room since there's aircon ;);) I took some pic while I was bored :))
The aircon <3
The front view of the aircon
The sinks {modern sinks, wew}
The cubicles: right side are toilet cubicles and left side are shower cubicles! 
Le clean toilet ;)
Le clean shower. It actually looks a bit like highlands shower cubicles :))
 Their "lockers" 
Hehe that's all for now talk to u soon :) 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday bumday

Hiiii today was a sad day :( because Cory Monteith was found dead :( I feel extra sad for Lea because they were supposed to get married in 2 weeks :(

to get the sadness to go away, mum n I went to town to run some errands and buy some school supplies {as usual} 
Then we went to Bulgogi Brothers

Wew sorry 4 got to take a pic of it whole ;)) {too excited}
Appetizers above! 

Of course with complimentary tea :) 
I had a burger and I forgot to take a of moms food but it was Kimchi Jiggae :)) {you'll probs see a pic on moms blog} 

Love  u mom! Thanks for coming with me always to run errands! xx

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Blotastic hair ;);)

Hiyaaaa the other day we went to Blo hair salon at Serendra. But before that, we went retail therapy ;p HAHHAAH at our fave stores topshop + Aldo :)) 
Blo was such a cute place but they go overboard with the advertising!! Something that they need to work on! 

Doing what they do best ;)
I got a fishtail cos it was hot + no one at home knows how to do this :( 

They were featured in Preview with Julia Bareto as the cover girl! {she's so gorj!} 

Also heres some stuff I bought from Aldo 
Cutest ever!!! AHHHHH 

We got hungry...who wouldn't ;p so we stopped by Murray D'Vines a burger shop :)
Ate's veggie burger {yukk} 
My cheese burger skewers <33 
Mommys Lucy's burger 
And of course friesssss <333 my love <333 
Also we stopped my cupcakes my Sonja, best cuppy cakes in MNL!!! :-*** 
That's all for now! xx