Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sickness x Tired

Hellawww! Yesterday, I was sick with a bad cold and a bad sore throat that I'm sure will eventually turn into asthma :P

I was so surprised when I woke up, went to my room feeling very ill, but still willing to go to school! Then suddenly dad came into my room whilst I was sitting on my orange couch coughing and sneezing... He said don't go to school na & to just rest. I WAS SO SHOCKED!! Cos normally, he would ask me why I didn't go to school. But not this time, he went to my room to tell me not to go! And when pops tells us not to go, we know it's serious! Hahahaha ;))

Since I was sick I didn't want to spread germs, so I used these when I ate my lunch:

Haha still in the thermos cos Yaya thought I would go to school :)) also this 

I love this tumbler thingamabob from starbux! It's cute, and it saves the earth! Plus IT'S PINK <333 xx


  1. I hope you'll feel a lot better soon, babe! <3 Love you thank you for making an effort to go to school today.

  2. hi jena! i hope you're feeling better today. :)

    - marian
    (one of your mom's avid followers. and now yours, too. :) )