Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Today, we had to wear green la salle shirt cos it is the 35th anniversary of De La Salle Zobel 💚 I have school spirit so I really went and bought a la salle shirt!!! AHAHHAH from the bookstore! :))
Here's what le me wore:
Here's a close up of my shirt:
 Yupp, #AN1MO 
Of course I had to make my shosies pop:
Neon pink for the pink lovahsss
They called the event, Emerald Kick Off! Such a cute name!!!!!! Gahhhh! They had a countdown and when the clock hit 0 party poppers were popped, everyone was screaming and waving our own flaglets! It was just like a welcome party! There were people dancing of course some even singing! But everyone was screaminggggg ahhhhhhh!!! 
Of course the pep squad was there!!! {pics don't belong to me, credits to whoever took the pix} 
They were very very legit!

Yes they did this!!!
that's all for now :)

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  1. huwaw! *big eyes* that's some moves they got right there! ;) i'm glad you're starting to have fun in your new school babe. Hopefully, it will grow on you & you'll love your new school as much as you loved your old one. Your happiness is my utmost concern. I love you! <3