Sunday, 7 July 2013

Jela, my crazily cute dog :)

Hiiiiii. On this post I will talk about my doggie, my baby Jela. She is an English Bulldog, our 3rd. Ever since we had our first bulldog, we never wanted to get any other breed. <3

This was the very first time I held her. We bought her from a breeder all the way in Tondo:

She was really very tiny.

Here she is during her first few months with us:

OMG, here tummy is HUGE haha. Mommy dearest gave her that dolly & Jela would snuggle with it (when she's not biting it)! :))

We would have fun dressing her up. Although I'm not sure if it was fun for her as well haha...

And feed her all sorts of food a dog really shouldn't be having! Like Pizza! :D

And also take her to town and high street! 

Whenever we leave the house without her she always gives us this look. </3 She's really a drama queen.

On her first birthday which is also Christmas Day!!

She has become so doña lately, taking over all our beds!!!

And also very very very clumsy! =))

Well that's our baby Jela, the bunso of le fam! <3 xx

Do YOU have a pet as well? :)


  1. Awwww! Cutie pie jelly! <3 She's so kulit now, though, baby. We should definitely get a dog whisperer! @_@

  2. Jela is so cute :)More pics or her please! :)
    My dog/son Sebastian is a yorkie but looks more like a rat than a dog :)

  3. Hello Lovey (yuck, feeling close!), congratulations on your own corner of cyberspace.

    I do have pets. I have seven dogs of my own + six fosters, whom I am loving as my own until they find their adoptive homes. =)

    1. HI ate Kasie! its fine, i love meeting new people, cause im so shy unlike mum! haha! thats so niceee! i want to do that! hahaheheheh