Friday, 5 July 2013

Lasallian Earth Day 💚

Today it was lasallian earth day, so we were required to wear green shirt with jeans and closed shoes (so detailed) HAHA. Mom wanted to bling it up but I said no. I'm a new student & I didn't want to attract unnecessary attention. 

Excuse the sweaty was kinda sorta hawt ;)) oh and also, excuse the feet. Here are the toecap shoesies from topshop that I wore:

Minus le funky pants :) I brought my usual bags :)) no green bag eh ;P

That's all for now! It's Friday night movie night with le fam <3 TGIF! xx


  1. Were you excited to wear mormal clothes to school again baby? ;)) Gotta stock up on them green shirts for you & kuya if this is gonna be a regular thing. Love you, I'm glad it's friday I again. I have you guys for the whole weekend, YAY!!! <3

  2. Naku mommy, no green bag daw sabi ni lovey *hint*hint* ;-)