Thursday, 11 July 2013

Blotastic hair ;);)

Hiyaaaa the other day we went to Blo hair salon at Serendra. But before that, we went retail therapy ;p HAHHAAH at our fave stores topshop + Aldo :)) 
Blo was such a cute place but they go overboard with the advertising!! Something that they need to work on! 

Doing what they do best ;)
I got a fishtail cos it was hot + no one at home knows how to do this :( 

They were featured in Preview with Julia Bareto as the cover girl! {she's so gorj!} 

Also heres some stuff I bought from Aldo 
Cutest ever!!! AHHHHH 

We got hungry...who wouldn't ;p so we stopped by Murray D'Vines a burger shop :)
Ate's veggie burger {yukk} 
My cheese burger skewers <33 
Mommys Lucy's burger 
And of course friesssss <333 my love <333 
Also we stopped my cupcakes my Sonja, best cuppy cakes in MNL!!! :-*** 
That's all for now! xx

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  1. Wow! Long post today, Bey! ;) I enjoyed reading your blog. I'm glad you had an enjoyable day & thank you for coming with me & ate to get her hair done. Love you! <3