Friday, 5 July 2013

Wish list 2013

This is my wish list for this year ;)

1.) I want Justin Bieber 'Believe' tickets ;) ;) hi mum :-* EHHEEHHE 

I know mum will get me tix but we don't know when he's coming yet:( JUSTIN PLEASE COME NA :((

2.) I want this mini fat pony with a pink leash. I just don't know where we'll put her haha. ;p

3.) I want this jacket. Like cutest jacket in the world!!! 

4.) I want this bag IN THE FUTURE. Not yet now :)

5.) I want to meet ALL my fave uk you tubers

ESPECIALLY the Harries twins <333 *crush overload*

6.) I want long beautiful ombré hair like Zoella (one of my fave you tubers) ;););) We had to cut mine off because my hair has become so damaged at the ends. So my ombre isn't as noticeable anymore.

7.) I want to be thin, but I don't have inspiration....YET. Maybe someday. ;P 

8.) I want this in my room :))

9.) I want to go to the beaut city below ;);)

10.) and lastly, I want to take a year off of school and travel with le fam <3

Thanks for reading my 'wish list'! Talk to ya soon! xx


  1. Oh baby girl, I may be able to get you most, if not all, except for #5 haha. I don't have that kind of power soreee. It's good to have wishes, it makes you look forward to the future. Let's see what mommy can do. Love you! <3

    1. Awww mommy you're so sweet :-* haha by chance we can meet the youtubers

  2. No need for number 7, sweetie! You're so pretty as you are now. :)Besides, thin is overrated hehehe

    1. Aww thank you so much, Tita Sheila!!! Haha it is!! ;)