Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dinner for 4

Hiiiii last Friday mum, ate n I met up with kuya Jeng at cafe Juanita! In Molito 

We had sinaglay
Garlic chicken 
Some Korean beef thingamajig that was really gooooood! 
Fish with ensalada 
2 way pork adobo {flakes + pork}
My toffee pudding
Mums cassava cake
Kuya jengs mini turon
Mum n kuya Jeng we're talking while me n ate were eating! Hehehe 

Kuya Jeng was very very nice whilst I was the shy one! Hehe

Cafe Juanita's food is very good, but very little servings!!! x


  1. Thank you for coming with me Bea, and for being so patient, we really took a long time chatting & you were so nice to let mommy have this time with kuya jeng. Love you my baby!! <3

  2. Hi! Hi! Hi!!!!!!!! It was so nice meeting you! I enjoyed our dinner :D I definitely agree that the servings were too small for us! LOL! I heard you weren't feeling well, I do hope that you get well soon :D :D :D Enjoy enjoy enjoy :D :D :D