Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Don't h8 aprreci8

Hiiiii! Super long time no talk :( I've just been caught up on a lot of stuff for school, family and friends! Huhu but I'm back! This blog post will be about ios7 and how my phone hates me ;))
So first off, my phone has deleted all my files 3 times now and momah always says "your phone hates you" and recently I've been thinking the same thing! :)) I tried to update my phone on the day it got out, but my phone would not cooperate!!! But it seems that my iPad has! I've tried updating my phone 8 times and I probably turned my phone on and off 50 times ;p but yesterday, I finally found out that my phone only updates when I'm using it...that's right it likes to drain my battery even more ;);););) so finally my phone updated and here's the outcome:

At some point 
I was jumping up and down and swore that if it crashes on that part, I will not update my phone till it dies and I'm forced to update it!!! But nonetheless, I still am in love with my phone, mainly because I'm always on it? And I probably won't last a day or a few hours without it! This blog post, was kinda boring....I promise next thing I will blog about will be exciting ;) stay safe and dry xx


  1. Hey baby! :) You blogged! What a nice surprise! \m/ But don't feel pressured to do so, I know you have a lot of things going on. So blog only when you feel like it. And YAY!! your phone finally updated, it doesn't hate you anymore hahaha. Love you, have a nice day in school today (I was gonna say have fun, but then -who has fun in school right???) See ya in a bit mwah! :-*

  2. Hi Jena!!! How are you? You're mom is definitely right!!! Studies first and no pressure to blog! :D :D :D ... How did you find ios7? My iphone 4s and my ipad kinda went slow so I guess I might be buying a new one but depends on the budget. Hahahaha ! Hope you are doing all right and all :D :D :D Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy :D :D :D

    1. hi kuya Jeng! sorry superrrr late reply! haha definitely gonna put my studies first (if i stay motivated! hehe) mine arent really that slow, but i think it depends on the phone! cause my friends phone is also slow! haha. hope you're doing fine too! :-)