Sunday, 29 September 2013

What's in my bag?!?!!?

Hellloooo. As promised, I'm backkk! Today I'm writing about the stuff I have in my bag, because I'm not really sure to blog about, but I'm very sure I want to blog! ;) 

This is the bag I usually use:
Orange small longchamp from mommy!! 
In my bag I'm like my mom who has many pouches for different things:
This pink pouch includes my hair bands and hair clips for when my hair does not want to cooperate :/ my off lotion to keep dengue away! My lip gloss which I don't really use....hand sanitizer to keep dem bacteria away @_@ next I have my French fry lip balm for when my lips are dry {or when I'm hungry} HAHAHA and lastly for this pouch, I have toilet seat cover {I'm not maarte, just trying to keep the bacteria away! lel) 

My blue pouch consists of wet wipes for when the hand sanitizer doesn't work {lol can you tell I don't like bacteria?!} :p beside that is my ollo clip which I will blog about very soon! Beside that is my stylus for my iPad when I'm feeling creative and feel like drawin something! I have a normal pen with a mini mirror, I have a connector for my phone to the car for music and lastly mints! 

I have one last pouch in my bag:
My "first aid" kit ;) kremil-s for when I'm too full :)) another type of medicine for when I have colds, my spray for when asthma strikes :( band aids and of course the patches that keep dengue away! {pouch given by one of my bffs 2 years ago}

I have a unicorn scarf {from Bershka} to keep me warm! 

I choose from these beanies 
For when I have to cover my hair when it extra extra does not cooperate! 

Next is my wallet from Tory Burch, given to meh by my mommah! {basically everything is from mommy! Mommy also arranged my bag! HAHA} when I first saw this, I thought its so big! But now I'm in love with it and it smells guhreat!! <3
Next up, my iPad {for when I'm not tamad to carry a heavy bag. Lol}

This case is from Kate Spade! I really love this brand because it's fun and very unique! 
 Next up is my phone and my earphones! If you see me in the car, I'm mostly on my earphones listening to my favorite tunes! 

And lastly, my shades! 
I use either of these! 
Topshop with Aldo case. These shades are sadly not available in the Philippines, I had to order from the UK, but so worth it! They are gorj!!!!
And these, my babies <3 
Blue colored lens aviator raybans! My most recent cheeky purchase! 

That's all the stuff in my bag! Oh and please be my friend on this blog!!! And follow me on Instagram if you want to! I love interactin' hehe! And most importantly, don't forget to leave comments! I get very touched when you leave {nice} comments ;) that's all for now! See ya sooon! xx

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  1. hahaha you really are my daughter, baby girl! :) In EVERY way possible. I hope you keep everything in your bag nice & neat. Love you, mwah! <3